Favorite object | How to Make Cement Vessel: Footsteps
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How to Make Cement Vessel: Footsteps

How to Make Cement Vessel: Footsteps

Having plants at home is no longer the exclusive privilege of those who live in places with immense backyards. In fact, the trend is now the urban jungle, that is, fill even the smallest green apartments. Combining this with the other fashion, that of DIY , we come to a very current issue: how to make a cement pot?

If you are considering indulging in urban jungles and want modern vases, there is no better option. So to further embellish your decor , here we will take a step by step how to make cement vase! In addition, we have also selected over 30 images of these objects to inspire you to make several different models.

Simple cement potting tutorial

Now let’s go to the cement potting tutorial. To make this decor item that is super high and that can be used inside and outside the home, you will need the following materials:

  • Mortar
  • Water
  • Shovel or trowel
  • Cooking oil or petroleum jelly
  • Pots of different sizes
  • Sandpaper
  • Ink
  • Brush

Cement pots also look good with pots of other models and materials

With all of this in hand, let’s take a step-by-step how to make cement vase:

  1. Put the mortar in a container and dilute in water
  2. Stir with the spade or spoon until a homogeneous mixture
  3. Pass the oil or Vaseline into the inside of the larger pot and the outside of the smaller pot
  4. Pour the dough into the larger pot
  5. Put the pot inside the dough and add a weight inside it to ensure that it will not go up
  6. Wait between 24 and 72 hours for the dough to dry and
  7. Sand to give a more refined finish
  8. Finally, paint as you wish

4. You can choose the colors of paint you want to leave your most beautiful pots

If you’d rather see the tutorial on how to make concrete vases, the following video might be helpful:

The oil or Vaseline is indispensable as it is what will ensure that the mortar will not stick in the pots. As for the point of the mixture, it should be more liquid than that used to settle bricks. Ah, the weight for the pot inside can be made with stones or coins, things easy to find.

Your vessels can have the most diverse shapes and patterns

And for those who have always wanted to know how to make square cement vase or how to make round cement vase, the secret lies in the choice of pots that will be used to make the vase. Even if you want it to have details, textures and the like, just choose a vessel that has these characteristics.

The cement vessel can also be large, just find a larger vessel to serve as a mold

How to make cement pot with towel

Another type of cement vessel that is beginning to draw attention is the made with towel. It may be that you already have images out there on social networks and wondered how to make a cement pot with a towel and that is exactly what we are going to answer now! The materials needed are:

  • Mortar
  • Water
  • Dough Mixing Container
  • Shovel or trowel
  • Towel
  • Bucket
  • Disposable Glove
  • Spray paint

The goal is to achieve this result

Now let’s take a step-by-step look at how to make a cement pot with a towel:

  1. Put on the gloves
  2. Mix the mortar and water until the consistency of cake dough
  3. Fold the towel twice in half
  4. Cut the corner from the inside (the hole should be in the middle of the open towel)
  5. Moisten towel and remove excess water.
  6. Soak the towel in the mixture until completely covered
  7. Turn the bucket which will serve as way for the vase down
  8. Put the towel on the bucket
  9. Wait 12 to 24 hours and unmold

Before painting, this will be the look of your cement pot with towel

With these two tutorials and all the tips we gave you already know how to make square cement vase, how to make round cement vase and other shapes and even how to make cement vase with towel! The next step is to put your hand in the dough, literally.

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